Monday, July 9, 2012

ARCs and Critiques Giveaway!

When I came home from University recently, there was a very pleasant surprise awaiting me in the mail. ARCs of Fall to Pieces ! Hurrah!

It was a bit surreal and a lot of cool to be able to see what has, up until now, been nothing more than a bunch of pages, as an actual book. With my name on it and stuff. Exciting times were had, guys.

In order to fully express my excitement, I'm giving away not only two signed ARCs of FALL TO PIECES, but also a 25 page critique and a 50 page critique of a manuscript. To enter, simply follow the blog if you aren't already, and comment below (if you want only one type of prize -- eg, just the ARC, or just a critique), then it would be super helpful if you specified that! If you don't specify, I'll just enter you for both :)

Entries will close at midday, Aussie time, on the 17th of July and winners will be posted shortly thereafter. Critiques can be won by anyone, living anywhere and ARCs can be won by people living in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. If you tweet and stuff, that would be super appreciated, but won't gain you extra entires. Enter away!