About Me

Vahini Naidoo grew up in South Africa, where an elephant tried to kidnap her four-year-old-self from a shopping trolley and the afternoon cookies she had in the backyard were stolen by devious monkeys. A baboon also may or may not have tried to kill her as a baby – and no, none of this is an experience common to those who dwell in South Africa. She really is just somewhat unlucky.

Fleeing the hatred of the animal kingdom (or possibly, and less dramatically, tagging along with her parents), Vahini moved to Australia in 2000, where she currently resides.

Vahini has always wanted to be a writer. She’s been dabbling with novel-length works since the ripe old age of twelve, and has since completed three novels.

Recently, after battling her way through endless papers, and examinations so set upon killing her that they seemed to yell “Avada Kedavra!” (or perhaps that was the sleep deprivation talking?) Vahini graduated high school. This year, she will be attending University, which everyone tells her is a lot more fun.

In 2010 she signed with her amazing agent Ammi-Joan Paquette at the Erin Murphy Literary agency. Her untitled debut novel, which she swears isn't as lame as her bio, sold to Marshall Cavendish in December 2010, a week before her 18th birthday.